Who We Serve

Through a Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) Acquisition Services (SAS) Blanket Purchase Agreement, Quantech provides SMC and related space organizations with the capability to execute effective and responsive acquisition management in the areas of Manpower, Personnel, Training and Administration (MPT&A); Configuration and Data Management (CM/DM); Acquisition Planning; and Contracting Support. Under a SAS task order, Quantech provides MPT&A and Acquisition Planning advisory services to the Global Positioning Systems Directorate (GP), one of SMC’s two largest directorates. GP, a joint service program, is responsible for developing and producing Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), ground systems and military user equipment. GPS, the world’s premier navigation and timing standard, continues to play a vital role in mapping, aerial refueling, rendezvous operations, geodetic surveying and search and rescue operations. GP develops, procures and sustains the 24-satellite constellation, over 250,000 receiver systems and the United States Nuclear Detonation Detection System. Annual funding is approximately $1.4 billion and total program value is $35 billion.

What We Do

SAS provides SMC/GP with MPT&A and Acquisition Planning advisory expertise that complements the Government’s organic technical capabilities. Under this task order, Quantech provides a 27-member trained and certified team who provide expert Education Management, Career Enhancement Management, Supply Management, Executive Support Services, Personnel Support and assess and assist Government program management task execution for GP’s six acquisition category (ACAT) I and 1 ACAT II programs and approximately 700 directorate personnel. We are integrated into the Government teams for acquisition, test, sustainment and operations.

Our Results

Our employees are key contributors and have direct impact on mission success. Here are a few examples of what our team has accomplished:

  • MPT&A
    • Education Management – As Dean, GP University, our Training Manager supports all aspects of the training management program for the 700+ directorate personnel.  Support includes advertising, tracking and reporting annual ancillary training; providing quarterly updates to senior leadership; and developing training programs for military and civilians.  Quantech personnel submit an average of 55 Professional Military Education packages per year, establish and maintain a tracking tool to monitor 80 Continuous Learning (CL) Points that personnel must meet within a two-year time span; develop fiscal year training budgets; and ensure GP professionals are Acquisition Professional Development Program compliant within 18 months of assignment.
    • Career Enhancement Management – Implement and support the LiveLink-based Air Force Space Command Military Evaluation System tracking tool providing GP leadership with aggressive monitoring/tracking/quality control of 110+ annual evaluations per year and reducing the average processing time from 96 to 54 days.
    • Executive Support Services – Provide executive administrative support to the GP Director, Deputy Director, Technical Director and other senior staff including the three Group Directors.  Quantech personnel are key players in maintaining the GP daily strategic rhythm.  We assign and track over 180 suspenses per month with 90+% on-time execution; prepare over 100 travel orders annually using the on-line Defense Travel System with zero travel discrepancies; develop and maintain senior staff calendars; and develop and maintain recall rosters, phone listings, organizational charts, manpower reports, security and visit request, action item logs, etc.
    • Personnel Support – Quantech’s Promotion Recommendation Form (PRF) Monitors  developed a one-of-a-kind training program that is used by every SMC Directorate and Division to ensure promotion teams prepare effective and standardized PRFs.  The GP PRF Monitor prepares and quality controls over 60 forms per year resulting in above Center promotion rates.


  • Acquisition Planning
    • General – GP Acquisition Planning support includes preparation and coordination of Acquisition Strategy Plans (ASPs) for GPS IIIA (Milestone C) and Next Generation Control Segment (OCX)  (Milestone B); strategic planning, on-the-job training (OJT) and preparations to ensure GPS IIIA readiness for the Independent Program Assessment (IPA) reviews; strategic planning and preparations to ensure readiness for the GPS IIIA Milestone C Decision; preparation and coordination of the GPS IIIA Acquisition Program Baseline (APB); and supporting development of the GPS IIIA Post-CDR Assessment Report.   GPS IIIA support also includes facilitation of the Launch and Checkout System (LCS) acquisition planning process to include conduct of contractor study activities, development of implementation Request For Proposals (RFPs) and initiation of early development activities to include architecture, requirements, operations concept, test and information assurance.  Here are a few specific examples of what our team has accomplished:
      • Enhanced the GPS IIIA risk assessment by updating the incentive and data management strategies and incorporating new DoD and Air Force acquisition policies and guidance
      • Prepared and coordinated updates to the GPS IIIA APB, supported the development of the GPS IIIA Post-CDR Assessment Report and the  GPS IIIA Integrated Program Summary (IPS)
      • Coordinated GPS IIIA inputs to the Annual GPS Evaluation Review (AGER) (Defense Acquisition Board (DAB) equivalent) to include providing GPS IIIA documentation and briefing inputs as well as action item responses for the series of reviews leading to a successful AGER and GPS IIIA Milestone C decision
      • Performed Program Planning by acting as a key Government facilitator during the LCS Studies to ensure the contractors were fully analyzing the set of options to implement LCS within the given schedule constraints and associated risks
      • Led the integration efforts as the study contractors developed their architecture, requirements, operations concept, trade studies, opportunities/risks and Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) inputs
      • Perform Risk Management, Integrated Master Planning and Integrated Master Scheduling by working with both LCS Study contractors to identify opportunities/risks and the associated mitigation plans, capturing key events allowing for successful performance and schedule achievement and developing an Integrated Master Schedule that provides a comprehensive look at required activities to achieve an LCS capability


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