Business and Enterprise Systems (BES)

Who We Serve

Through the Professional Acquisition Support Services II (PASS II) and Engineering and Technology Acquisition Support Services II (ETASS II) contracts, Quantech provides support to the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Business and Enterprise Systems (BES).  BES is the Information Technology (IT) leader for the Air Force community and Department of Defense (DoD), delivering comprehensive IT solutions and providing expert contracting, acquisition, and program management.  BES acquires, operates, sustains, and enables enterprise IT capabilities while bolstering the modernization of the infrastructure to support the warfighter across the combat and mission support spectrum.  BES is comprised of the Logistics Systems Division (HIA), Business Systems Division (HIB), Enterprise Services Division (HIC), Enterprise Accounting and Management Division (HIG), Human Resources Systems Division (HIP), Enterprise Applications and Integration Division (HIQ), and Operations Division (HIZ).

What We Do

Quantech provides expert Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) in support of the BES mission of delivering innovative enterprise IT solutions for the benefit of the warfighter.  Quantech’s expertise is integrated into the Government team for program management, acquisition, sustainment, financial, business management, information assurance, configuration control, compliance, test, risk management, engineering, and other technical services.

Our Results

Quantech draws on their breadth and depth of knowledge to support the various BES divisions.  Below are samples of how our team has directly and positively impacted the BES mission across the divisions:

  • Provided key infrastructure support for the DEAMS program involving environment management and tracking, identifying all of the hardware, software and licensing existing in each DEAMS operating environment (Production, COOP, Pre-Production, Integration and Development). Quantech has worked closely with the Business Enterprise Systems (BES) Integration Branch (HIQI) to utilize the BES Operational Baseline (BOB) database for this purpose and has customized the database to reflect the DEAMS program unique reporting needs.  These customized reports have been run and delivered to the Configuration Management (CM) group to aid in their effort to identify the DEAMS Operational Baseline.  In turn, the Integration Branch is utilizing the DEAMS database as an Air Force wide example.
  • Monitored all Developmental Planning Integrated Master Schedules for several initiatives (Program Budget Enterprise Service, Security Cooperation Enterprise Solution, Product Lifecycle Management); recording and evaluating resources that are needed, analyzing and reporting the Critical Path, assessing risk, and aligning events, accomplishments, criteria, tasks and sub-tasks so that it may reflect the work needed to meet all deliverables.
  • Created a $4.6M savings in license costs based on a detailed assessment of license usage that identified a need for reduction.
  • Served as the AFLCMC/HIQ representative to the AFLCMC/HI-lead for revising the Logistics Health Assessment questions for use by all Defense Business Systems across AFLCMC.  The AFLCMC/LGIA office requested HI revise the LHA questions for DBS since they were weapons system focused. As a part of the team, Quantech made significant changes that were commended by the AFLCMC/LGIA POC and Deputy PEO.
  • Prepared the DEAMS National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA) and Funding review package for submission to SAF/FMP, the Air Force Executive Senior Working Group, and OSD Investment Review Board for recertification of compliance with the BEA and approval to obligate the Program’s FY16 funds.
  • Provided excellent on-time acquisition reporting for a substantial set of submissions that include quarterly updates for the Strategic Management Plan briefing to the DoD Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Monthly Acquisition Reports (MARs) for SAF/AQX, monthly PEO Activity Reports, Defense Acquisition Executive Summary (DAES) and Major Automated Information System (MAIS) Quarterly Reports, and the MAIS Annual Report (approved by SAF/AQ, OSD, and sent to Congress). Reports are drafted and coordinated with sufficient lead time for the PM to review and approve in time to meet or beat the suspense date and consistently require minor or no changes from management during the coordination process.
  • Recognized as leading the way in developing a comprehensive, well-written Milestone B (MS-B) Program Charter document for CON-IT. This was the first MS-B document to receive Program Management approval for CON-IT.  This effort included extensive research and previous milestone documentation experience in order to develop key acquisition processes and standards to incorporate in the Program Charter.
  • Achieved Authority to Connect (ATC) approval from Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) based on the SAF/FM eMASS package submitted to AFSPC. ATO package approved for Eglin.
  • Provided key support for two simultaneous audits of the ABSS and CRIS programs; the Blue Book audit by the Financial Information Audit Readiness (FIAR) team and the Statement of Budgetary Accounting (SBA) audit by the Independent Public Auditor (IPA). Quantech played a key role in gathering documentation for the auditors, discussing the intricacies of the systems, providing feedback for potential findings, providing formal responses to findings, and developing the Corrective Action Plans (CAP).  This has resulted in the successful completion of both the Blue Book audit and the SBA audit with a minimum of findings.


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