Business and Enterprise Systems (BES)

Who We Serve

Through the Engineering, Professional and Administrative Support Services (EPASS) contract, Quantech provides support to the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Business and Enterprise Systems (BES) Directorate (AFLCMC/HI).  BES is the Information Technology (IT) leader for the Air Force community and Department of Defense (DoD), delivering comprehensive IT solutions and providing expert contracting, acquisition, and program management support.  BES acquires, operates, sustains, and enables enterprise IT capabilities while bolstering the modernization of the infrastructure to support the warfighter across the combat and mission support spectrum.  BES is comprised of the Enterprise Logistics Division (HIA), Business Systems Division (HIB), Enterprise Services Division (HIC), Financial Management Division (HIG), Human Resources Systems Division (HIH), BES Workflow Management (HIO), Services Management Division (HIQ), and Operations Division (HIZ).

What We Do

Quantech provides expert Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) in support of the BES mission of delivering innovative enterprise IT solutions for the benefit of the warfighter.  Quantech’s expertise is integrated into the Government team for program management, acquisition, sustainment, financial and business management, information assurance, configuration control, scheduling, compliance, test, risk management, engineering, and other technical services.

Our Results

Quantech draws upon our breadth and depth of knowledge to support the various BES divisions.  Below are examples of how our team has directly and positively impacted the BES mission across the divisions:

  • Quantech provided key infrastructure support for the DEAMS program involving environment management and tracking, identifying all of the hardware, software and licensing existing in each DEAMS operating environment (Production, COOP, Pre-Production, Integration and Development). We utilized the BES Operational Baseline (BOB) database for this purpose and have customized the database to reflect the DEAMS program-unique reporting needs.  These customized reports have been run and delivered to the Configuration Management (CM) group to aid in their effort to identify the DEAMS Operational Baseline.  In turn, the Integration Branch is utilizing the DEAMS database as an Air Force-wide best practice.
  • Quantech facilitated a $4.6M savings in license costs based on our detailed assessment of licensee usage, identifying a need for reduction.
  • Quantech served as the AFLCMC/HIQ representative to the AFLCMC/HI lead for revising the Logistics Health Assessment questions for use by all Defense Business Systems across AFLCMC.  The AFLCMC/LGIA office requested HI revise the LHA questions for DBS since they were weapons-system focused. As a part of the team, Quantech made significant changes that were commended by the AFLCMC/LGIA POC and Deputy PEO.
  • Quantech prepared the DEAMS National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA) and Funding review package for submission to SAF/FMP, the Air Force Executive Senior Working Group, and OSD Investment Review Board for recertification of compliance with the BEA and approval to obligate the program funds.
  • Quantech provided excellent on-time acquisition reporting for a substantial deliverables including quarterly updates for the Strategic Management Plan briefing to the DoD Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Monthly Acquisition Reports (MARs) for SAF/AQX, monthly PEO Activity Reports, Defense Acquisition Executive Summary (DAES) and Major Automated Information System (MAIS) Quarterly Reports, and the MAIS Annual Report (approved by SAF/AQ, OSD, and sent to Congress). Our reports are drafted and coordinated with sufficient lead time for the PM to review and approve in time to meet or beat the suspense date and consistently require minor or no changes from management during the coordination process.
  • Quantech provided key project management direction and skills to the many engineering and infrastructure projects that are ongoing within the DEAMS program office and with an emphasis on the DEAMS Technical Upgrade and Sustainment (DTUS) R12 Upgrade.
  • Quantech expertly drafted the Agile 873/869 Pilots Realignment Plan for Continuous Capability and Development (CCD).
  • Quantech provided essential acquisition/milestone planning support to include orchestrating weekly PMO/FMO strategic sessions/meetings for Continuous Capability Development (CCD) phase acquisition and contract planning and development of the CCD notional pre-contract award schedule.
  • Quantech provided essential program control support to include orchestrating the program Governance actions that require monthly Financial Management Portfolio Board (FMPB) meetings, DEAMS Senior Executive Council (SEC) meetings, and bi-weekly Program Review Board (PRB) meetings.
  • Quantech is heavily engaged in the civilian honorary awards program. We issued guidance for preparing award packages, provided recommendations for streamlining the processing of Outstanding Civilian Career Service Awards (OCCSA) (recommendations approved by PEO Ops office at Gunter), wrote/supported submission of OCCSA packages, and oversaw completion of award taskers.
  • Quantech maintained Program Management Office (PMO) and Functional Management Office (FMO) SharePoint sites. These sites allow for collaboration of information both inside and between the organizations, which leads to greater efficiencies in document review and coordination along with providing central repositories for key team folders and documents.  We also provided SharePoint Help Desk program support by responding to inquiries on a timely fashion as well as keeping the site maintained within storage quota limits, thereby avoiding the need to procure additional space resources.
  • Quantech deftly managed the BES Workflow tool, working to ensure that all tasks are completed as requested prior to their due dates. The BES Workflow process is critical in providing the PEO and other organizations with the proper information when requested; allowing them to make better, informed decisions.
  • Quantech’s efforts helped ensure the AFIPPS Source Selection team maintained productive pace to complete evaluation on schedule – allowing for a timely AFIPPS contract award. We assisted in drafting, coordinating and securing signatures on the AFIPPS Technical Evaluation Report for delivery to the Source Selection Authority and we prepared, coordinated and delivered the AFIPPS Debriefing.
  • Quantech’s efforts were integral to the delivery of 34 OBIEE system change requests supporting HR capabilities to the AF/A1 community and we ensured critical customer data needs were met to support a time-sensitive replacement of the legacy application.
  • Quantech authored a Background Bullet Paper (BBP), based on a series of meetings with the customer, the System Integrator and the PMO, which helped the IRSS PMO provide the necessary justification to obtain additional IRSS 581st AI Agile Support.
  • Quantech’s team-managed process for the first-ever AFLCMC/HIH Enterprise Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) event was identified as a top priority by the Division Chief and adopted as a best practice for future CPI events.


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