Who We Serve

Space and Missile Systems Center Spacelift Range and Network Systems Division (SMC/RN) delivers system modernization, sustainment, development, and support 24/7/365 for launch, on-orbit anomaly resolution, and operations for over 150 DoD, civil, and allied satellites conducting navigation, intelligence, reconnaissance, weather, and communications missions and ballistic missile/aeronautical testing for the joint war fighter. The program office ensures accurate and reliable command, control, telemetry and tracking support to the warfighter as well as provide critical spacelift launch capabilities for our DoD, civil and commercial space assets.  The Range and Network (RN) Division is responsible for the planning, acquisition, and sustainment of the Launch & Test Range System (LTRS), the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) and the Space Training Acquisition Office (STAO) while ensuring accurate and reliable command, control, and telemetry and tracking support to the warfighter as well as provide critical Spacelift Launch capabilities for our DoD, civil and commercial space assets.

What We Do

We are the prime contractor on an Advisory & Assistance service (A&AS) task order which provides SMC/RN with a broad range of financial management and administrative capabilities to execute effective and responsive support of space-related research, development, production, and lifecycle acquisition in support of the division’s mission to modernize and sustain the Air Force Satellite Control Network and Spacelift Launch Ranges to provide assured access to space.  Our support includes developing, maintain and preserving credible cost estimates; performing Earned Value Management (EVM) and schedule analysis; supporting Managemetn Analysis, Information Management, Training Management, Supply Management, Personnel Management, Readiness support, and non-core computer support; supporting acquisition planning, acquisition reporting and strategic planning; and providing effecting planning, programming, budgeting and execution support.

Our Results

Our team has a strong working relationship with government employees and other contractors and we are seamlessly integrated into the program office organizational structure.  We are relied upon to provide expertise across performance work statement task functional areas where we demonstrate high level technical ability in support of taskings and delegated activities with flexibility needed to respond to often-changing program office priorities.  Our cost team has provided SMC/RN valuable support to include developing and supporting various high dollar cost estimates in compliance with the Acquisition Decision Memorandums (ADMs) and DOD regulations for all ACAT III programs. Our  efforts have met commonly accepted technical and professional standards while we’ve implemented process improvement procedures. These procedures are maintained and applied across-the-board for all cost estimating and earned value support provided by our company.  Our cost team developed a defensible methodology for estimating the software (SW) Defect Report (DR) workoff which was critical for the completion of the Draft SBE for Electronic Scheduling Dissemination (ESD) 3.0 system. We created and presented the single best estimate to the program office leadership where our software cost methodology accelerated approval.  Our contribution and continued cost support of the WMN source selection as a key advisor was recognized and lauded.


We provided exceptional Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) cycle support to include an  expert in the Pentagon working as the Program Element Monitor (PEM) liaison for SMC/RN. In this position, based at the Pentagon, we provided complete support to the PEM across-the-board, assisting with Program Objective Memorandum (POM) inputs in IDECs, providing staffer updates/briefs, presenting the Directors intent, defending program office funding, and assisting in the development and documentation of new requirements. In this capacity we were able to assist the directorate in staying ahead of new requirements and making sure that they are prepared for upcoming issues or requirements. This keeps the directorate proactive and prepared at all times to stay in sync with the DoD and congressional cycle.


We supported Baseline Execution Reviews (BER), Midyear Execution Reviews (MER), Spring Program Reviews (SPR), Investment Budget Reviews, Program Management Reviews (PMRs), POM Briefings, Financial Planning Working Groups (FPWG), Financial Management Reviews (FMR), Acquisition Mission Support (AMS), Business Management Reviews (BMR) and budget execution activities (i.e. Open Document Listing and Tri-Annual reviews, MIPR, MORD and AF616 Validation, SMART reporting, DTS support, unliquidated obligation, negative unliquidated obligations, expired and cancelled funds status, CSR and management notices) exceptionally.


Our personnel comprise a significant portion of the Operations Management branch staff where we have provided exceptional support responding to Division Leadership Program Management Review format adjustments, keeping RN’s senior leadership fully informed and engaged on all issues, and creating an environment to resolve programmatic issues. These are value added, high quality services that make or break the success of RN.  Our personnel are experts in their functions and require very little direction from the Government to execute assigned tasks. Performance objectives have been surpassed and this is an area of excellence. We provide high quality Configuration Management/Data Management (CM/DM) support to include extensive configuration requirements and all configuration management boards with 100% accuracy.


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