Who We Serve

The Intelligence Community; In performance of our Intelligence Systems Architecture and Enterprise Services mission support, we deliver world class, state of the art technologies and capabilities through future architecture design, systems engineering, integration and test, & operational support of end-to-end national & tactical collection, ground processing and transport systems enabling our service men and women to succeed in their daily mission.

What We Do

Intelligence Systems Architectures and Enterprise Services (ISAES) aids in the transformation and execution of mission critical national systems. ISAES is a highly specialized provider of mission-critical cloud computing, systems engineering, integrated intelligence solutions (I2S), and World Wide Logistics (WWL) to the Intelligence Community (IC). Core capabilities include Enterprise Engineering and Transformation (EE&T); Enterprise Architecture Design and Analysis (EADA); and Enterprise Delivery & Logistic Services (EDLS) to support: (1) the collection, processing, analysis, and use of intelligence data and information in the domains of mission engineering and systems acquisition; and (2) the protection of networks and related infrastructure against the full spectrum of threats. Our solutions are designed to respond to the critical needs for agile intelligence in the transformation age, to assist the US government in national security priorities, and provide mission assurance and business continuity in the face of determined adversaries.

Our Results

Our rapid response engineering capabilities are tailored to serve Intelligence Community and DOD Customers through our agile, independent and specialized engineering teams. We deliver highly focused technical solutions, support the transportation and movement of critical national assets and conduct cloud computing services through collaborative engineering and professional services that are just a sample of our critical defense capabilities.

We provide a full range of technical and operational capabilities required to facilitate mission management, data collection, signal processing, and dissemination requirements along with technical roadmap visualization for Command, Control, Communication, and Computer Information (C4I) systems. Our customers want to “tap into” the most advanced technology architectures available that can be applied towards the planning, scheduling, collecting and processing of rapidly evolving real-time issues.


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